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OST Recovery Tool for Mac & Windows You are a small business owner, and you know the importance of your data. Especially those OST files, the source of all worry and salvation, are so important to deal with. You want a tool which can make all OST related problems go away so that it can be what it was made for in the first place – a convenience. If this is your scenario, you have come to the right place. If this is not your scenario, even then the information I am about to provide you in this article will come handy to you in the near future. So, read it till the very end. OST RECOVERY TOOL OST as we all know stores mail content offline. This is very handy for business owners as they can easily circulate important mails among employees without any hindrance that sometimes lack of internet brings. However, OST files once lost are very hard to recover, and the process is so tiresome manually, that even small businesses cannot afford to lose that much time and energy for one thing. The

Import OST files to Outlook with the help of ‘OST Extractor Pro’

You cannot import OST files to Outlook directly. Here is something you should do. Stop facing the errors while importing the files to outlook, switch to OST Extractor Pro and import all your data to Outlook. How can you Import OST files to Outlook? The OST files are converted to PST format. Once it’s done, the data is imported to outlook. The OST file format is not supported by Outlook and many other email clients. OST file has an advantage that can be used while the user is offline but it has many disadvantages and one of the biggest cons is that it cannot be opened in online server. There is no option other than converting OST file into PST format to open it in Outlook. PST format is supported by many email clients and it becomes really easy to recover all the files. OST Extractor Pro also recovers data. The tool also recovers emails, notes, images, complex files etc. It recovers everything present in the file. “OST Extractor Pro’ is the best recovery tool in market. It leaves not